Hot Red Short Full Cover PureFit Stick on Nails 24Pcs Reusable False Nails for Woman at Home 12 Sizes

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Color Red Solid
Size 24 Count (Pack of 1)
Material ABS
Brand Forsense
Style Fashion

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1. Wash your hands with soap & water.
2. Trim & file free-edge of nails. Push back cuticles using manicure stick.
3. Thoroughly clean residue on nails with polish remover or alcohol.
4. Make sure your nails are completely dry.
5. Open the package and select the correct size for each finger using a number key located on the blanck side of each nail.

Apply with Adhesive Tabs

1. Choose the adhesive tab according to the size of selected nail. Peel off the sheet.
2. Apply tab to the natural nail. Press firmly and smoothly. Remove top film.
3. Align nail with cuticle, making sure to place the rounded edge at the cuticle line.
4. Press firmly starting from the middle, then press on each side, from left to right.
5. Avoid water during the first hour of application.

Remove Adhesive Tabs

1. Using a manicure stick to gently lift the cuticle side of the nail away from your natural nail.
2. Apply a drop of polish remover or cuticle oil between the natural nail and sculpted nail.
3. Wait for 1 minute and gently remove the nail tips away.
Pro Tip: To better preserve your reusable nails, gently remove the nail without force or pulling.


About this item

【Reusable Short Press on Nails Kit】: You can get 24pcs red solid color square acrylic fake nails tips in 12 different sizes, 20pcs adhesive tabs, a super hold nail glue, 5pcs prep pads, a mini file and a cuticle stick.

【At-Home Salon Manicure】: We made summer corally pure acrylic press on nails follow the handmade process (Patented 3 Anti Tip Primer, base coat, color gel, reinforcement layer and top coat). The pattern and color are made by gel instead of machine printing. Bring the nail salon at home and save you a whopping $50 or more.

【Long Lasting & Safe】: Full cover short square solid color glue on nails are made of gel and high-quality acrylic material, safe on natural nails and removal is hassle free. Jofay Fashion cute glue on nails will not crease or break even when subjected to high intensity compression and will be resilient. In everyday life, our press on manicure can be worn for more than 2 weeks and will not fall off easily.

【Quick & Easy to Apply】: Trim and clean your natural nails first, choose the right size and apply our nail adhesive tab or nail glue, then press the false nails for 60 seconds. When removing the press on nails, soak the nails in water for about a minute to remove them more easily.

【Everything You Do as Usual】: Fashion stick on nails with glue offer feature protective gel finish so that you are able to do everything you normally would, such as typing, gardening, house working, opening a can or playing with your pet. No matter how many days you wear stick on nails, they still feel as perfectly intact as they did on day one.

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