Makeup Brush Production Flowchart

Most customers are very interested in makeup brush production process to evaluate his supplier. A makeup brush is consist of 3 parts: handle, ferrule and bristle.The following is a brief introduction on production process FENGSHUO:

Heating the blank→ hot extrusion→ cutting→ internal boring→ Material heating→ Re-extrusion→ tension straightening→ cutting head → back-out →corrosion → Cold rolling  →back-out→ stretching→  quenching→  straightening→ cutting samples→  inspecting→oiling→ packing 

Synthetic Hair
PBT raw material→drying→melting and cooling→drawing fibers→cutting to required length→oxidation→washing→dyeing→washing→drying→shaping→packing
 Animal Hair:
Remove bad bristles →washing →fumigate →drying→ shaping hairs→ initial classify by size→ dyeing→shape under high temperature→ remove naps→ re-classify by size→ shaping→ Packing
Brush Head Assembly:
A qualified makeup brush will need about 80 production steps, the following is just a rough flowchart:
100% incoming inspection→ pressing ferrule→ shaping hair→ shape inspection→ size inspection→ dispensing glue-trimming hair→ assembling handle→ cleaning glue→ QC→ packing→ storing

Customer’ special requirements on makeup brushes need to be done separately, such as the requirements on logo, package, color etc.

Post time: May-19-2023