The Minimum Order Quantity of Makeup Brushes

Many clients are new or starter of makeup brush business, so the issue they most concern duringOEM is the MOQ. However, we need to know their requirements for the brushes before we give the MOQ accordingly. Clients may ask why we have no standard MOQ for the brushes?
In fact, since the makeup brush production is manual, we have no MOQ standards for the brush production itself. But our material suppliers have the MOQ requirements. Therefore, if we can find materials in stock at our warehouse or clients do not need their logo on brushes, then MOQ is not necessary. We can easily find material from the market.
For customized makeup brushes with private label, and we are not able to find materials in stock, the MOQ may be high. If the material is difficult to produce or have strict requirements, the MOQ will be higher. So you may find that for some brushes, the MOQ is 1000pcs, while for others is 3000pcs or more.
Finally, for makeup brushes with plastic handles which require molding, the MOQ will be at least 5000pcs, if the order quantity is too small, the unit price will be too expensive for you, due to the high molding cost.

Post time: May-31-2023