Makeup Brush Quality Control in FENGSHUO

While developing customized makeup brushes at a factory, clients will not only care price but also quality. If poor quality or serious bristle falling occurs, clients business will certainly be huras well.
Since it is a manual work, Onsite workers and QC inspectors are very important. In FENGSHUO, to ensure the brush quality, Production Supervisors and Salesperson are also responsible for the quality, besides the QC inspector.
For OEM orders, we firstly confirm the exact quality requirements with customers; then prepare a working instruction according to this requirements and order, pass it to production department, the production supervisors will inspect the production process; the QC inspectors will check the finished brushes to make sure they are qualified, and the salesperson will recheck and confirm..
After these strict QC process, makeup brushes made in FENGSHUO can always be satisfyingwhich help our clients to win more business, and we, as your suppliercan certainly get benefit from clients business growing.

Post time: May-24-2023